Affirmative Action For The United States Essay

727 Words Jul 12th, 2016 3 Pages
Many people wonder and ask, why do we still need Affirmative Action? Where would this world be without Affirmative action? When I asked a few of my co-workers their thoughts and opinions about Affirmative Action, they stated it was not needed in the United States anymore because we have an African-American president. I was concerned when nobody mentioned Veterans or people with disabilities. The Department of Labor has issued new hiring goals for contractors. They are required to hire a minimum of 7% of persons with disabilities in each established group. Contractors are also required to have at least 8% of veterans hired. (mondaq, 2013) . People are unaware the benefits that Affirmative Action can bring to a Veteran or disabled person. There was a poll recently done that asked that same question that I asked my co-workers. Out of the few people that answered it, 75% said that Affirmative Action was not needed. Their answers consisted of: Affirmative action cripples minorities, employers Hire who Is Best, Affirmative Action is reverse discrimination, Affirmative action is completely racist, and The US does not need affirmative action because your skills should get your hired. (Debate, 2016) In 1961, President John Kennedy wrote the executive order to have a committee create the Equal Employment Opportunity Act (EEO) and mandated funding for Affirmative Action.(RACE, 2007) Affirmative Action ensures steps are taken to eliminate the current day effects of past…

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