Affirmative Action : Discrimination And Discrimination Essay

1123 Words May 4th, 2015 null Page
All over the nations, there are different views, stances, opinions and even laws on affirmative action. In 1961, “affirmative action” was first said in an Executive Order signed by President John F. Kennedy. President Lyndon Johnson followed through with the advocacy for affirmative action by signing an Executive Order in 1965. That executive order required government contractors to use affirmative action policies in their hiring to increase the number of minority employees. Affirmative Action was not strictly used for employment, but also used in higher education opportunities. Today, many argue that affirmative action is simply reverse discrimination because minority groups are favored in institution acceptances, when in fact, affirmative action simply promotes equality and an provides an equilibrium in the workforce, schools, etc. In reality, Affirmative action is actually in opposition of discrimination and is being enforced to help erase America’s past track of discrimination. Of the eight elites, every single Ivy League institution has a majority white student student. For one to ever state that a minority does not have the intelligence or ability to attain high achievements in education is a lie; It is also belittling to every minority race. Because that statement cannot be stated as truth, it leaves a gateway to question generally why whites make up about 50 percent of prestigious institutions. Aren’t all men capable of attaining the same high educational status…

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