Affirmative Action Argument Essay

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Affirmative action was first introduced by President Kennedy in 1961 as a method of readdressing discrimination that persisted in spite of civil rights laws and constitutional amendments. This lead to profound civil rights battle. The debate on affirmative action brought up an excellent question such as “is it righteous to support affirmative action?” The answer is of course all people should be granted an equal chance to succeed in life despite of their cultural background. In order for future generations to move on we all must come together to make this a better world. One of the many reasons I support affirmative action is because I am a proud Hispanic girl that wants to achieve goals in life with an equal chance as anyone here in the land of the free. Sociality has used the excuse of building jails for mainly non-white people to demonstrate that the diversity group cannot get an equal chance cause of statistics that show they commit more crimes or other types of activities against federal laws. This next statement leads to my point. Starting from the 1870s people have judged men and women based on their color and where they came from. This was not appropriate because they did not see the potential these people had, they only saw the …show more content…
For example, the National Security issues in the past the U.S forces have argued that highly qualified and racially diverse officer’s corps are essential to the military to provide national security. Diversity adds strength to our nation and that is one thing we want is to have a solid strong nation. Another reason why people should give the diversity group a chance is because we are always looking for doctors, nurses, teachers and other needed people. Despite their differences this can the benefit the community because it is necessary to live in a peaceful democracy where there is talented people we can trust and rely

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