Affirmative Action And The Education System Essay

1857 Words Jul 12th, 2016 null Page
As affirmative action’s attempt to better the conditions of minority groups within the social context in the United States, the education system implanted today has much more to improve along racial lines. While analyzing the role of education from different sociological perspectives, and identifying some of the means that keep the educational system unequal, the solution to bring a better education opportunity to a diverse population lies entirely to adopt anti-racist tools within the classrooms, and a broader multicultural material in the already desegregated schools. Many movements have change the path towards equality, however, the results are not yet significant because the economic system in this country is set up in such a way where only a few are being well educated to keep their economic position and status. Meanwhile, minority groups are being disadvantaged and powerless to move up in the ladder of society. Even though, the economic system needs to go through a reconstruction for equality, the education for majority and minority groups’ changes are being internally powerful to reconstruct the entire system from inside out. There are two contradictory theories of the role of education: the traditional view and the contrasting view. Interestingly, both theories are based on different sociological perspectives: functionalist and conflict theory. According to Farley (2012), the traditional view from a functionalist perspective advocates the opportunity for mobility…

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