Essay on Affirmative Action : Affirmative And Discrimination

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Affirmative Action Affirmative Action first began in 1961 on March 6 from The Executive Order 10925 signed by President John F. Kennedy. In 1964, the Civil Rights Act made discrimination illegal for employment regarding to race, cultural background, color, or religion. Over the course of time, this began to become beneficial to a lot of people especially if they wanted a job because of discrimination and enforced diversity and giving minorities opportunities or chances. Even though this is such a positive that’s helping people who has a disadvantage, they are some cons. The other side of the argument believe that affirmative action put race as the dominant factor in hiring or admissions to colleges/universities. Both of my sources differ because one of them believes that affirmative action works and helps people, but the other is against affirmative action because this ties in with “racism, economics, and proposition 209. The common ground they shared is equality of opportunity. I believe everyone like to have equal rights and a fair shot at different prospective. In one of my textual evidence, they disagree with the concept of affirmative action. I chose the scholarly academic journal article entitled “The Revolution against Affirmative Action in California: Racism, Economics, and Proposition 209 by authors R. Michael Alvarez of California Institute of Technology and Lisa Garcia Bedolla of University of California, Irvine. In this article, it states majority of the…

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