Essay about Affinity Home Care For Health, Safety And Risk Management

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1.1 The framework which we work to within Affinity Home Care for health, safety and risk management are based around the Health and Safety at work act 1974. Within this act it states that we need to follow the health and safety policies which as a company we have and also risk assessments. The HSE states that there are several things we must follow; this includes:
 Necessary first aid arrangements – First aider on shift, fully replenished and stocked first aid box, relevant information for staff regarding first aid.

 Keep a record of all accidents/injuries and ill health in Affinity and report to relevant people inc RIDDOR if meets criteria.

 Asses the risks within Affinity, look for all which could be a hazard and put measures in place, get all staff to read and sign (risk assessments)

 Consult staff

 Provide training and information – display HSE poster, H&S Training, meeting minutes

 Ensure there are good ventilation systems and that Affinity has the correct welfare facilities ie hand wash basins, beds and tools for the staff to complete their job to the best of their ability.

 Necessary insurance certificates and know where to find them inc liability cert. During the working day, I ensure that all aspects of health and safety are adhered to and meet company policies and procedures, legal requirements and the requirements of OFSTED.

I ensure that the working practice of the staff team comply with these requirements through weekly spot checks,…

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