Essay about Affidavit

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Republic of the Philippines]
Province of Bohol]
Municipality of Getafe] COMPLAINT-AFFIDAVIT I, GENU SOCIAS TORREFIEL, of legal age, fisherman, with postal address at Barangay Nasingin, Getafe, Bohol, after having been duly sworn on oath in accordance with law hereby voluntarily depose and say: 1. That sometime on October 17, 2011or about 4:00 P.M., Monday, October 17, 2011, I was playing basketball in the basketball court of Nasingin, Getafe, Bohol; 3. That upon arrival at the SB COA gate I noticed that there was no sentinel on the said post. I proceeded to the front gate and saw two (2) silhouttes (sentinels) posted at the lobby. Without attracting their attention I walked back to the COA gate which was ajar. I
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SG3 Gurtiza failed to show the Attendance Logbook to me. He also could not locate the whereabouts of the keys. Then I also asked SG Denila about the keys and logbook. He, too, could not locate them. Though SG Denila confirmed to me that the keys and logbook were given to SG3 Gurtiza by outgoing SG3 Reynaldo Ventura during shift turnover. I looked at the journal and found that SG3 Gurtiza did not sign the journal. That he has not yet prepared his shift's journal indicating his actual assumption of official duty as of the time. 6. That in the following moment I heard the tooting sound of the fire alarm panel on the other side of the room. I went to the panel area to silence the tooting sound. When I look at the Stockroom I saw SG3 Gurtiza knocking at the Stock Room door. Somebody from inside opened the door. Then I saw SG1 Noel Haddad, Renato Zamboanga-Process Server sneaking out from the Stock Room. I also saw Moimer Zacarias Calosing opening and getting his Caliber .45 from his personal locker and cocked the same. Then SG3 Gurtiza and his alleged paramour went out of the office through SB COA gate. 7. That I went upstairs for inspection of the upper floors. At the lobby, there I saw SG1 Jaime Faisan and SG1 Robert Gavilan. I told them "NANDITO LANG PALA ANG LOGBOOK PA-IN MUNA". I asked SG1 Faisan whether SG3 Gurtiza is on duty because he is not in the special detail. SG1 Faisan told me that "Oo

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