Aronica's Influence On Aria Grande

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Every star has a specific image and reputation of how they are perceived by people. This specific view, also known as the star text, is “formed by everything that the audience affiliates them with, such as their body of work, promotion, publicity and audience practices” (Jackson). Celebrities change their star text to shift the way they are perceived by the people and to be taken seriously. In the case of Ariana Grande, the Nickelodeon starlet has successfully managed to outgrow her previous star text after continuously developing and expanding on her star text to become fully accepted by the public as a sex appeal icon after multiple gradual shifts over time.
Starting with her firsts transition from a teen actress to a singer to further expansion of star
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Whenever she made an appearance on television, she did not dress in any suggestive way and the focus was only on her singing abilities. Grande kept some aspects of her previous star text, but she made sure that the first album would draw a distinct line from her days as Cat Valentine and give a preview of what to come in the future in terms of her image. With the instant success of her first album and her powerful vocals, Grande successfully transitioned from a teen actress to a singer, and her experiment with her persona worked to her advantage since critics approved her decision to slowly transform her star text from one to another by mainly focusing on her talent. Critics approved this change lauding, “Unlike Miley Cyrus, Iggy Azalea or Nicki Minaj, Ariana Grande has been gaining attention less for how little she wears or how graphically she moves than for how she sings” (Farber). Grande’s transition separates itself from that of others because not only did it successfully changing audience’s perception of her, but it was also done in such a subtle and smooth way that it least took audience by

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