Aeneid And Song Of Roland Essay

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Aeneid and Song of Roland both feature strong, heroic men. Aeneas faced the dilemma in which he needed to have order and needed to find a place to settle and call home, all while Juno brought chaos to his life. Roland on the other hand, had two types of dilemmas one regarded more towards his behavior; he had a temper and was arrogant. The second with his step-father, Ganelon, whom was a traitor to his people. In the end: “… the French advised that Ganelon should die a death of torture” for his treason (CCXI 131). Aeneas had this never-ending will to fulfill his destiny or fate. Roland’s temper and arrogance made him go into a battle where he and his knights were outnumbered; even though his faith was pure, he put 20,000 lives on the line in a fight against Islam. In Aeneid the will to fulfill ones fate or destiny was the overall lesson learned. Aeneas goes through countless trials in his life to get to his destination. He loses his father. He battles a storm. His journey becomes delayed for a year, and he ends up in Carthage where he meets Dido. The love he had for Dido, unfortunately, was overpowered by the drive he had to find a new homeland, this then causes her to go mad and kill herself. He loses four of his ships in a fire due to Juno. He loses his captain and friend Palinuris to Neptune because of his mother Venus. When he does finally make it to Italy and dock, he is them ambushed into a war with the Latins over his future wife Lavinia. This all happens because…

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