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Multicultural Education Scenario
A teacher’s job is to offer the best education possible to all of the students in the classroom regardless of their race, sexuality, backgrounds and needs. As a second grade teacher in a multicultural classroom teaching second-graders it is important that I offer education to my students about diversity, social justice, and equality. “Diversity, equality, and social justice are the foundation for education that is multicultural” (Johnson, Musial, Halle, Gollnick, & Dupuis, 2005). Educating myself, as a teacher must be the first thing that I do, many teachers have limited experience and knowledge about other ethnic and religious groups other than their own.
As a teacher of a multicultural classroom for
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Planning activities around multicultural education that will allow all the students of my classroom to participate with one another will allow each child to learn from one another. “Activities allow students to experience new things and to express their feelings. Benefits include the following: Help educators reach students who may benefit from more hands-on or practical learning experiences, Allow students to become actively involved in the learning process, Encourage students to critically think about and analyze information themselves, rather than passively receiving knowledge” (McKay, 2013).
A fun activity for may classroom on the topic of diversity is to have the students do a small interview with their fellow classmates on the knowledge that they have about their personal culture and as the teacher I will use the information to make a bar graph to illustrate the differences within the classroom this will allow the students to develop an understanding of and respect for diversity. This will allow the children to get to know one another by interacting with each other to the best of their abilities, the graph being posted in the classroom will allow the student to see how everyone is different, but they are still one another’s friends.
Due to my classroom having

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