Aed 200 Classroom Mgmt Paper

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Assignment: Classroom Management Paper

June 6, 2010

Aaronita J Morgan


Instructor: Junett Johnston

The principles of behaviorism can be useful in facilitating learning within the classroom. Behaviorism

offers a particular perspective on how learning occurs and how teaching impacts that process. B.F. Skinner

argued that, “A behavior is more likely to reoccur if it has been reinforced or rewarded. Thus reinforcement

can be used to strengthen existing behaviors, as well as learn new ones. Principles of behaviorism can be

used for classroom management.” (The Office for Teaching and Learning Newsletter December 2002,

Volume 7, No. 2). Behaviorist theory of education has proven to be the most effective
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The success of intervention depends on orderly

structures being implemented. In the behaviorist theory of education the learning environment combines a

teacher's careful attention to individual student needs, and clear communication. In a constructivists

environment students have misunderstandings about academic content or instruction and the teacher has to

look for other ways to teach content and to improve the clarity of their communication.

Teaching Styles

Behaviorist teaching style in education is more common. It is used in every aspect of education.

Behaviorist Theory of Education believes that information passed from a teacher to a student is basically

the correct response to specific stimulus. Reinforcement of responses is done through repetition, giving the

student small sequences of tasks and providing constant flow of positive reinforcement. It is only then that

a student will learn effectively. If positive reinforcement is not provided to the student, the learned

responses will disappear as quickly as they appear. Repetition is necessary to learn appropriate responses to

specific stimuli. And that is why behaviorism teaching methods use skill and drill exercises to ensure that

repetition is done. Another form of repetition is using question and answer exercises but here

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