Advocare Case Study

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Look Better, Feel Better, Live Better

On just another day of hanging out with a couple of friends, my high school buddy, Taylor Reedy, asked me if I was interested in maintaining a healthy weight and being happier with my body. Without thinking about it, I answered yes. To get my attention, he told me that he found a product that could help me lose 10 pounds in just 10 days. That may sound ridiculous or unhealthy but he reassured me that it is one of the healthiest ways to lose weight. He then started to explain the product that would change the way I felt about health and wellness, AdvoCare. As he clarified for me what this marketing company was, I knew that AdvoCare was going to be the best thing that could happen to my body, and I could not pass
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AdvoCare allows people to join their ‘family’ by selling the products that they make. By them letting people sell their product, the people can expand their knowledge of the company and get more financially involved with AdvoCare. In order to make money off of AdvoCare you must sell a certain amount of their products to other people. AdvoCare helps you increase your income from the company if you can convince more people to sell their products.

AdvoCare has a number of products to offer such as their AdvoCare Spark, AdvoCare meal replacement shakes, and AdvoBars. All of AdvoCare’s products are products that you can use while doing AdvoCare’s 24 Day Challenge®. With this challenge, I lost twenty pounds of fat that I did not think I could ever lose. The one difference that separates AdvoCare from any other weight loss supplements is that it is all natural and it is a healthy way of losing weight. Another reason that I decided to take on the challenge was to become a better athlete. After losing all of the weight on the challenge, I had noticed an incredible gain in all of my athletic abilities. I went from never being able to dunk a basketball, to

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