Advocacy And Awareness The Philippines Essay

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Advocacy & Awareness the Philippines:
The Issue Continuing the theme of development of the human being, we must speak of advocacy and awareness. In the Philippines, overcrowded prisons present countless issues pertaining to advocacy. Pre-dating Durerte’s “War on Drugs”, issues with the country’s incarceration system have only been exacerbated. The Quezon City jail, the largest in the country, is currently occupied at two-thousand percent capacity. Of the four-thousand plus inmates, over sixty percent have been booked for a drug related offense. With few guards, inadequate sleeping quarters, and no justice in sight, the prisons are a dismal place. It is a common story for many families to have a member arrested by the police, sent to prison, and forced to wait over fifteen years for a trial – all the while with the rest of the family not knowing whether the jailed person is even still alive. Such stories can be found in most major reportings, as well as our own organizational history working from within the prison system. With the legal system so bogged-down, there is rarely any readily available justice for those stuck in prisons. As I have previously stated, a majority of those booked have been so due to drug-related offenses. Many others are younger males who have had to become thieves to survive the harsh, post-Haiyan reality the country now experiences. With the innocent having to wait so many years for trials, they have to learn to live with actual,…

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