Advertising's Toxic Effect On Eating And Body Image

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Ads on Perfection. Ads have been around for many years. Only recently have people noticed the effect that ads have on women and men. Besides their original intention to spread awareness of a product or celebrity, ads also have a hidden message. This hidden message is what has been secretly effecting the people of America, making them develop this self-hate, lower their self-esteem, and even develop phycological disorders. Because of this, ads need to change the images and message they are sending out. The way ads should do this is by using “average people”. More specifically, using people with the average weight for that person age and not using photoshop on them at all. Also, not sexualizing women and men in advertisements by putting more …show more content…
This is the cause when people try to achieve a look that involves being skinny, strong or built like the models on ads and dieting dose not end up working out for them or was never an option. An example of this is said In the article, “Advertising’s toxic effect on eating and body image”, by Amy Roeder, where she states, “On the island of Fiji, the arrival of television heralded a boom in dieting among women and girls who before then hadn’t realized that there was something wrong with them.” (Advertising’s Toxic effect on eating and body image). This article gives a good example of the effect of ads and what it has on women and their eating habits. On the island of Fiji there has been many researches and interviews of the women and men that live there after television and advertisements where introduced to the island of Fiji there was an increase in dieting, depression, and eating disorders. One lady that is quoted in the article, “Study Find TV Alters Fiji Girls’ View of Body”, by Erica Goode, quotes, “I’m very heavy,’ one Fijian adolescent lamented during an interview with researchers led by Dr. Anne E. Becker, director of research as the Harvard Eating Disorders Center of Harvard Medical School, who investigated shifts in body image and eating practices in Fiji over a three-year period. The Fijian girl said her friend also tell her that she is too fat. ‘and sometimes I’m depressed because I always want to lose weight.” (Study Finds TV Alters Fiji Girls’ View of Body). This quote shows that young women are being effected by ads and the island of Fiji is a good example of how it does so. Ads are to blame for this boom in dieting and eating disorders on the island of

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