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2012 the Worldwide Web Search Portals Industry Operation Situation Analysis

Web Search Portals Industry Introduction:

1. Global Web Search Overview:
Nowadays almost every part of the world is linked with the Internet. The Internet has made distances much shorter and the world much smaller and everyone become much closer. Everything now spread through Internet. You can do all the things you image through Internet, watch movie, listen to the music ,meet friends , do your job …The number of global internet users are increased dramatically per year.

SOURCE | Mar, 2008 | 1,407 millions | 21.1 % | Internet World Stats | June, 2008 | 1,463 millions | 21.9 % | Internet
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Even older internet users have taken to searches with the 65+ crowd using search engines 87 percent of the time with 37% of users doing so on a regular basis.

People cannot leave search industry anymore, they rely on the search engine to find all things they want to know, want to get. Currently, nearly 91% of Internet users through the report that usually use more than once searches daily,( The Pew Internet & American Life Project) shows that now as almost all the person build a habit already of using search , it is the most important way to generate traffic to your website. Also research shows that 84.7% of all users of search engine will only choose the major search engines like Google, Yahoo as they are world top 10 search engine, visitors really believe that they can trust their search result. So that`s way all search engine try to catch more and more market share.

2. South East Asia Web Search Analysis:
In a sense, now the search portal industry is matured in some part of the world. So how can we find a potential market and win the market share the big cake? Since different country has different situation, we should find our target market first.

Through this sheet we can easily find out that Asia is the biggest market of Internet, they have more Internet users so it`s really profitability to invest in this huge market. That`s the reason why we choose to focus on South East

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