Advertising Essay

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Advertising is one of the key marketing communication strategies that can significantly reduce your overall marketing costs and increase sales -- if it's developed, placed, and scheduled properly.
What does it take to make your advertising successful? Ask yourself these questions: What is it that stops me long enough to read an ad? What TV commercials do I watch and why? What direct mail do I open? And what are the common elements that they all possess?
If you can't define those elements, start paying closer attention. They'll probably incorporate these 6 main elements: Make Advertising PayThe six main elements to effective advertising.1. A headline is the most essential element of an ad.
You've got a second or two to get the attention of
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Urge action.
Always tell the reader what you want ... "Order today", "Call for a free appointment", "return the reply card now", "come to our store by Nov. 15 to take advantage of this discount", etc. Never assume that the reader knows what action you want, and always be sure you make response as easy as possible. If appropriate, provide several response vehicles like a reply card and 800 number.5. Use visuals that have a high degree of stopping power.
Photos are always better than illustrations in stopping power. Photos of babies, animals, odd situations or odd images are all good.6. Use images that help tell your story.
Product photos, photos of your products in use, or any other photos are good -- if you can use them to relate a logical story about your company or product. |
But there are other factors as well that will determine whether your advertising is effective.
Identify your target market. Before you decide where to run your advertising, you must understand your target market. Do you know the demographics and psychographics of your target market? Those are the age, education, income, sex, and lifestyle characteristics of your customers or clients. Without a precise picture of who your target market is, you'll waste valuable time and advertising dollars.
Knowing your target arms you to make good media selections based on how well that media delivers a qualified

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