Essay Advertising 's 15 Basic Appeals By Jib Fowles

1475 Words Sep 28th, 2016 6 Pages
Ranging from commercials, newspapers, movies, and magazines, advertisements are one of the top most prominent things that society gets bombarded with on a daily basis. The problem that many individuals including myself is that we fall victim to the manipulation of the advertising sharks and their devious tricks. In the article ‘Advertising’s 15 Basic Appeals’ by Jib Fowles, the author portrays how advertisers use 15 basic emotional appeals, both conscious and primitive in order to get you to say ‘I want and need that!’ In National Geographic, a historical, anthropological, discovery-based magazine, advertisers focus their energy on the middle-aged, middle-class, educated audience, who want to improve their intellectual integrity, but also improve their families ' lives. National Geographic advertisers can do this by appealing to the readers’ basic needs for achievement, nurture, and guidance. National Geographic is largely read by middle-aged married males, averaging at around 47 years of age, with a high level of education and a high-end, normally managerial job. Socioeconomically, the readers tend to be in the middle-class bracket, with a household value of over $200,000 and a sizable income. The reader’s general interests are tied into history, nature, anthropology, and archeology and they have a strong interest in learning more about the worlds’ new developments and discoveries as well as maintaining educational growth, and they are unquestionably afraid of losing touch…

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