Advertising : The Power Behind It Essays

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Advertising: The Power Behind It Advertising is a major way for businesses and other organizations to promote a service or a product they want to sell. Sometimes we do not notice it, but advertisements have a major impact on us and how we act in our society. Advertisements are a great marketing technique, but the power and influence behind them can be overwhelming. Behind every advertisement, there is an ulterior motive and that is why advertising can be so toxic to people. Advertising in the United States is becoming a major issue, especially for children and that is why there needs to be more awareness about the issue and also there needs to be a proposed solution. Advertisements target many different ages, genders, races, and etc. The most popular form of advertising today seems to be online and multimedia advertisements. It is also one of the easiest ways to advertise. One tactic used to determine online advertisements, is that Advertiser’s will track what pages the user visits and seeing what they are interested in and then they use that to determine what advertisements shall appear on the user’s screen (Advertising.).
There is much more to advertisements rather than just them trying to sell a product or service. They try and target consumers because of what they are interested in but really they are just using that as a way for them to rope them in as an attempt to change their views and values. Many advertisements try and sell values, lifestyles, and/or specific…

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