Advertising : The Goal Of Advertising Essay

1102 Words Nov 15th, 2015 null Page
The goal of advertising is to call the public’s attention to a product. In todays world, advertisements are everywhere. We view ads on billboards, our televisions, buses around town, benches, and many other common places we see on an everyday basis. This much publicity makes it easy to draw the attention of the public because advertisements are in places they once were not. Even though I view advertisements a majority of times throughout my day I am not truly affected by them unless they pertain to something I am interested in or unless I am part of the target audience of the ad. Often I watch a commercial on the television that is advertising a product and do not truly listen to what it is saying. It is true that some advertisements are created and aimed to manipulate the public into buying their product, therefore it is our responsibility as the consumer to not allow that to happen. It would be impossible to eliminate advertising completely in the world we live in and that is not the best solution. Advertising gives information on new products and draws public awareness to certain issues. The benefits of advertising outweigh the negative affects it may bring. Advertisements are also used to generate public awareness on issues that can be potentially harmful to the public if not addressed. These types of advertisements are known as public service announces or PSA’s. The purpose of a PSA is to raise awareness or change the publics opinion on social issues. Unlike regular…

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