Advertising Strategy Essay

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Advertising Strategy

Advertising strategy for PepsiCo Inc.
The campaign seeks to increase the sales of Pepsi and Doritos by concurrently promoting the two exceptional product innovations; a chilly flavored corn chip called Doritos Burn and Pepsi Max Ceasefire Lime which is a no-sugar lime flavored cola. The essence is to demonstrate that it is possible for two companies to partner and successfully promote the sales of their products. This should create an exciting consumption experience worth re-purchasing. Doritos and Pepsi Max purpose to provide a unique opportunity for consumers to give their views and influence the power of the brands (Altstiel & Grow, 2010).
The strategy is
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This is in line with good business practices and global market standards (Jones, 2006).
The organization will further continue to implement its corporate social responsibilities. This involves directly engaging with communities through programs and activities while also assisting in various development and environmental conservation activities.
Invent new products and give appropriate packaging to enhance sustainability of the products. It is recognized that competition is a major challenge in the industry and this calls for innovation and creativity on every organization. More importantly, the organization aims to reduce possible negative impacts of the products as much as possible.
In line with the growing concern on climate change, every organization has a prerogative to institute ways and means of addressing the challenge in a given capacity. One of the goals of the organization in this regard is to minimize the emission of greenhouse gas (GHG) and other pollutants across the goods production system.
Another major goal involves observing and prioritizing employee and consumer rights in the workplace and through the supply chain. Allocate adequate funds to enable the companies produce more products, facilitate supply and distribution; and successfully launch the two new product innovations into

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