Advertising Plan for the University of Illinois at Springfield

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Advertising Plan for the University of Illinois at Springfield
BU 446-8: Advertising
Renee A. Tesch
April 18, 2010

I. Executive Summary This is the first comprehensive advertising plan for the University of Illinois at Springfield [ (UIS Strategic Plan, 2006) ] since 1992, when we were still known as Sangamon State University [ (UIS Strategic Plan, 2006) ]. The UIS has been part of the University of Illinois for 10 years, and it is time for fresh planning, new thinking and “Stretch Ideas” to move them well beyond what they have been and to lead them well into this century [ (UIS Strategic Plan, 2006) ].
This advertising plan will cover the topic of how the UIS strives for excellence in all endeavors [ (UIS Strategic Plan,
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Reputation-Not only does UIS have a great reputation with their students, but also with the local community as well. UIS has been known to provide students with the knowledge, skills, & experience that lead to productive careers.
Tuition- Because of the historically low tuition, accompanied by funding cuts in the past three years, UIS has not been able to develop operating reserves. The absence of these reserves means that UIS has very little budgetary flexibility & limited capacity to undertake new initiatives within their current limitation on resources.
Clubs/ Activities- UIS has 75+ student organizations that the students can explore. UIS also has nine intercollegiate sports, theatre & music departments and many more. The new rec. center, 47,000 sq. feet, houses recreation, fitness, and indoor athletic events at UIS. Capital Scholars Honors Program- The mission of the UIS Capital Scholars Honors Program is to provide a challenging interdisciplinary, educational experience in which well-qualified, motivated students gain understanding and leadership skills to engage in the world.
Competition- The major competitors for on-campus programs are: Illinois State University, Southern Illinois University-Carbondale, Western Illinois University, Southern Illinois University-Edwardsville, Eastern Illinois University, Illinois College, Northern Illinois University, Bradley, and

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