Advertising Persuasive Paper

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The reality of advertising is right under our noses and in front of our eyes. Wherever we are or whatever we are doing, the fact is we are likely to be surrounded and influenced by advertisements.

Shakespeare advertised his plays, of course, but not in the commercial sense we know today. For more than a hundred years, though, commercial advertisements for products and services have been vying for the attention of the consumer. Those businesses found that the bigger and bolder the claims they made, the more people bought their products and chose them over the competition.

The fiercely competitive businesses of advertising and marketing were born. Today those businesses alone are worth billions and even trillions of dollars. They
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There is nothing, it seems, that advertisers will not stop at to try and get you to purchase their products. They appeal to our vanity, to our sense of what is right, to our ego and to our wish to be more successful, funnier, fitter and healthier. Amazingly, pharmaceutical giants spend more on advertising their products than they do on research and development.

The odd thing is that if we really sat down and thought about it, we would not need ninety percent of the things that we see advertised. We have become unable to distinguish between what we need and a false desire that is switched on by advertisements. Are we really that stupid and naïve? Are we really willing to believe the rubbish and lies that are told about a product just because so called ‘experts' say so? If not, then how can we fight back or try and control our impulsive behaviour? That behaviour becomes like a fever, when we start to overlook rational thoughts and are willing to be seduced into buying a product or a service that we simply do not need. When that product occupies your thoughts night and day until you acquire it, you have the fever.

Tell yourself, you don't have to buy today. No matter what anyone else is telling you, you do not have to make that purchase now. At least promise yourself that you'll shop and compare prices elsewhere. That salesperson, no matter how obliging and eager, is not working for you:

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