Advertising Of A Capitalist Society

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Advertising is one of the most prominent things that we see all throughout our lives. In a capitalist society there is no way to avoid advertising in some way shape or form. Everything we buy has at one point or another been shown to us on tv, magazine, and billboards. Companies and advertisers tell us what we 're going to buy and they dedicate the money and time to ensure that we do. The ways in which advertising companies get us to buy products are different depending on what idea or product is being sold and what they think the target audience will be perceptive to. More often than not we can fit ads into two different categories, bullying or uplifting.
All the ads we see in our lifetime aren’t meant for us. When ad campaigns are being developed a specific audience is chosen and it is catered to what it is believed they enjoy. Ads that target girls in their teens and early twenties, like the ones seen in Seventeen Magazine, more often than not involve some kind beauty products and clothing. The images and products chosen do not always apply to everyone within that specific group but are generally what our societies associate with that group of people.
Seventeen magazine is a fashion and advice magazine marketed towards teens and women in their early twenties. Most of these articles center on fashion and cosmetics trends and the types of products you need to achieve the looks they create. Maybelline, Covergirl, American Rag, and Neutrogena are just a few of the companies

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