Essay on Advertising Is Our Environment?

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They’re everywhere you go throughout your day. Whether its walking, talking, or staring off into space they’re right there. Advertisements take over everything we use. For example: radios, billboards, magazines, television, video games, and the list piles on. In Kilbourne’s Essay, “In Your Face…All Over the Place”: Advertising Is Our Environment”, she states, “Advertising often sells a great deal more than products. It sells values, images, and concepts of love and sexuality, romance, success, and perhaps most important, normalcy” (Kilbourne 89). Ads, like Snickers for example, can provide false advertising. They can be harmful such as gaining weight, but do consumers really care about that? Many food advertisers are an example of this because they want to pull viewers in with the unhealthy and delicious product.
Snickers is known for their delicious flavor and are so irresistible to buy, the advertisement doesn’t need any color to make viewers want it. It has the bars all over it with words that can describe one’s self. Around these chocolate bars and wording are dashed-lined boxes as if you would cut them out like coupons. The brown background fades at the center to give it a little pop, just enough to make the reader’s attention draw towards the bars. It affects everyone just by looking at it and gets them think, “I NEED a snickers right now.” They may look yummy, but the visual effect isn’t the only way the advertisement brings consumers in.
The way Snickers wrote this…

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