Advertising Is An Effective Strategy At 174, Launch By Volney Palmer

1435 Words Jul 12th, 2015 null Page
Advertising business has around for 174, launch by Volney Palmer, the first person to open an advertising agency. This been the main component towards swaying others. Whether it was to inform, entertain, and having consumers purchase their material. It clearly an effective strategy that continues to influence other. Advertising is an effective strategy at provide certain messages to their needed targets because advertisement isn’t done only through television commercial, but practically any medium can be used as an advertisement. Advertising range from billboards, magazines, radio, banners, music, and the list go on. The youth marketing group is the largest group contributing to advertisement ‘‘game,’’ the youth marketing range from thirteen to nineteen. Their demographics hold the buying power between their peers and family spending habits. It common to notice that teens are the ones setting off trends among their friends and so on. Advertisers realizes the influence youths hold against each other that they use that approach against them. Although, through this process, youths ends up being influence individuals that form their identity through advertisement. Being between the ages where their easily impressionable people, youths are in the age of discover their self and where they belong in society. Advertising in today’s media present their ‘‘product’’ as the needed essential in a youth’s life to fit in society. Through this paper, it going to identify the ways…

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