Advertising Is An Easy Target For Large Corporations Essay

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Advertising has been around society for generations but it seems every year it gets worse and worse. According to A majority of successful advertising is in television commercials. When kids become obsessed with certain shows, they watch them over and over again including the commercials. Because they can not distinguish the difference between a commercial and television show, they do not fast forward and watch the ads as if they were regular programs. This is because they have not developed the mindset needed to understand whether a statement is true or not. Children are an easy target for large corporations because they believe anything a commercial claims.
After children watch a commercial, they constantly nag at their parents to buy the product no matter how bad or useless it really is. Tired with all the nagging, the parents eventually give in to the relentless prattle and buy the item. Adults are tempted to buy items on infomercials for their children because of the supposedly deals that are advertised. Billboards every mile on the roads subconsciously convince parents to go to certain stores.
Through these commercials, companies have been targeting the most innocent and vulnerable of humankind, children. They use an advertising tactic called “cradle-to-grave”. This means if a child is exposed to a particular brand at a young age, they will stay a loyal consumer of that company as they get older. In the “Children and advertising: parents ' role” article, T.…

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