Advertising Is A Way Of Marketing Communication Between Business And Consumers

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Advertising is a way of marketing communication between business and consumers. The purpose of advertising is to encourage or persuade audience to purchase the goods and services. Almost every commercial will have a target audience for promoting the products. According to CBS news in 2007, business companies had spent about $17million on marketing to children and teenagers. (Resources: Marketing To Kids, 2007). The business companies focus a lot on teenagers and children market is because a research discovers that 13-19 years old of American teens are possessing almost $200 billion of buying power. (Teen Spending & Behavior, 2011). It can show that youth market is a huge and significant market for business corporations and advertisers. (Teen Spending& Behavior, 2011). Although commercials used to sell and promote goods and services to consumers, it also will bring huge impact to teenagers and children because they will easily become more materialistic due to these convincing advertisement, marketing and advertisement are based on adult culture which may affect children’s psychological development and fast food advertising will influence children’s health.

Advertising appears in many types of media. The television commercial is always considered the most effective advertising format, because almost every family have television in their home. Besides, internet is another prevalent source for advertising. The Internet provides an opportunity for advertisers to spread their…

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