Essay about Advertising Influences A Publications News Agenda

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Advertising influences a publications news agenda because it needs to target a particular audience for advertisers. Franklin et al said: “a relationship between a niche publisher and advertisers can be so financially symbiotic that self-censorship is likely to dilute journalistic principles” (Franklin 2005a: 9). Travel magazines, for example, would not be likely to campaign against the high prices of top airlines, but if the magazine is prepared to channel its content based on advertising alone it could compromise its credibility with its audience. There is also the risk of magazines including advertorials which are there to promote a product or company rather than honestly review them which may lead consumers to look online at customer based sites. An advertorial is a combination of an advertisement and editorial, which would mislead readers into thinking the article is a news story or feature rather than a selling space (Franklin 2005b:11).
Advertising in such, is a way of making money and becomes the agenda of some traditional travel journalism, McCombs and Shaw say the agenda-setting theory influences consumers on what to think about which leads to the influencing of buying further travel related products (McCombs and Shaw 1972: 176). Similar to this is the propaganda theory where content is based on its biggest advertisers, implying that editors choose their content based on their biggest income. The central premise of the propaganda model is that ‘money and power will…

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