Essay on Advertising Images From The Internet

950 Words Nov 16th, 2015 4 Pages
Methods: For this research paper I acquired all my advertising images from the internet. I found most of my images in November 2015. I was able to get some of the older images from as well as vintage ad sellers such as I also found some through google pictures and Pinterest. I have one commercial which I found on YouTube.
Since there were so many advertisements to choose from, I tried to pick one from approximately every decade. I choose these issues because I wanted to look at the significant change in Wrigley advertising through the years and through different time eras. I also wanted to include the woman’s role in the making of Wrigley’s add and how they were portrayed. (Although not all of the ads I used have women in them.) The ads I choose are in chronological order dating from 1910-2015.
I have chosen a total of ten advertisements created by Wrigley’s gum company. The first ad is from the year 1910. It is a plain and simple add. The background is a solid evergreen color adorned only with a pack of spearmint gum in the center and a few words above and below. The words say, “Fine for the breath, Fine for the teeth.”
The next ad puts us in the roaring 20’s. This add from 1920 has a more color on it and it is displaying a beach scene with a lady relaxing under an umbrella while two children play in the sand nearby. The writing in this ad promotes long-lasting flavor and a tightly sealed package. This ad also includes kids and their…

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