Advertising, Gender, And Privacy Essay

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Essay One: “Advertising, Gender, and Privacy” Advertising has created plenty of issues when it comes to gender and privacy. Over the years, more and more people have become aware of the issues being put in front of us. These issues include: how women are portrayed in advertisements and how people are viewed as sex objects in these ads, children being used in advertisements, and how advertisers get their ads out to us, whether it be through signs and commercials or sending us emails based on previous searches on websites. Issues like these are becoming a serious problem in today’s culture and the more aware we all become to them the faster we can try to find a solution to the problem. If we continue to let advertising be the way it is right now, it will cause negative effects on our lives and on our culture. As mentioned in The Merchants of Cool, advertising companies are always having “the merchants of cool” out in the public trying to find what they consider to be the “next big thing”, meaning someone or something that nobody else has picked up on yet that they are going to put out there and make it seem like they invented a new trend. Even though this may seem like a harmless act of just just trying to keep your business successful and make people believe they need whatever it is that you are putting out there, it’s all a matter of how you sell it. Many companies will use women and men to sell their products, however, photoshop may be used to make them look like…

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