Advertising, Emotional Appeal, And Logos Essay

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The advertisement for 7up, distributed in the 1950’s or 60’s, radiates merriment. A photograph, displaying a happy family at Christmas, dominates the middle of the ad. Mother, father, sister, brother, grandfather, and grandmother hold bottles of 7up while seated around a toy train set. Above the family Christmas scene, in large font, reads, “The All Family Holiday Drink.” Below the heading, several subheadings describe 7up as “wholesome for everyone,” and if “You like it, it likes you!” To create product familiarity for the consumer, a large sweating bottle of the cold beverage extends the length of the ad. Overall the main purpose of the advertisement is to convince consumers 7up leads to good times. The ad’s use of ethos, emotional appeal, and logos are strengthened by combining words and pictures. The purpose of the ad is to market 7up to new and emerging middle class American families. After World War 2, the soldiers who came home to their families strived to have a piece of the American dream, which according to, included “enjoying the comforts of their new home, the convenience of their automobile and added leisure time together.” Advertisements had a whole new audience to reach, an audience that “needed” their newly affordable innovations to make their lives better and picture perfect. This ad is an example of the new middle class centered ads of the 1950’s. The Christmas picture in the middle of the ad depicts the audience the ad is reaching: a middle…

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