Advertising Effectiveness Of The Advertisement Essay

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When initially looking at the ad, your eyes are drawn to the bold and underlined “Try Vegan.” As you continue your gaze, most would see the giant, innocent baby piglet right in the center. There is a quote on the top of the page in white that states “You Can Live Without Those Ribs, I Can’t: Try Vegan.”. Advertising effectiveness relies on how well a company 's advertising accomplishes their intended goal.
PETA released this clever ad in hopes to raise awareness to the fact that the ribs we eat come from killing baby pigs. The organization wants the public to make an emotional connection with the pig and in the end feel sorry for eating ribs. Currently in society, people rely more on emotions rather than information, to make everyday decisions, so that makes emotional responses to ads are more influential on a person. In the past few years, as brands have realized the effectiveness of emotional content, more and more companies have focused on these. PETA’s ad includes three out of the five design elements to portray the message that before those ribs get on your plate they are torn and ripped out of a young piglet that had no chance of life.
The main focus of the advertisement is the pig. The public’s eye is drawn to the pig since it is the biggest and in the center. There are words above the image that help to balance the ad out. The piglet is cute so the viewer immediately forms an emotional bond with the piglet but does not necessarily piece together the relevance of…

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