Advertising Discourse Analysis Essay

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Communication and Advertising

Mass Media effects


individuals and society

The omnipotence of mass media 2
Media influence of society and individuals 3
Empirical studies on campaigns 4
Uses and Gratifications Theory 5
Broadcasting studies (the adaptation theory) 6
Studies on socialization 6
Studies on reception 7
Studies on the ideological effects 8
Theories of technological determinism 8
Spiral of silence theory 9
Studies on the agenda setting function 9
Wrapping it up 10
Bibliography 10

In 1938, after a radio broadcast of a show called „War of the Worlds”, an Orson Welles adaptation of H.G. Wells’ famous book, in which the USA was being invaded by
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The debate on media effects experienced three successive stages: during the 1920’s and the 1930’s the almighty radio and cinematography industry represented the main object of debate, whereas starting from the late 30’s till the 60’s, scientists focused on the limited effects of the media; later on somewhere around the mid 60’s the theories regarding the powerful effects of the media were the ones mostly explored. Dissecting the effects of this consumption based mass culture society and also considering the role that television has been playing in the last decades, many sociologists are no longer believers in the minimal effects of media. Actually due to the over mediatization of political campaigns and everyday interventions of politicians on television and radio, many researchers now believe that the audio-visual determines our way of thinking. More so, some researchers suggest that the media holds a decisive responsibility in setting up public debates and the dissemination of ideas. So far, the discussion regarding these effects is not very conclusive and maybe a bit contradictory. However that is because a very rigorous definition of media effects needs to be nuanced. In order to clarify the discussion we must distinguish between long term and short term effects. Even though today it is generally admitted, after numerous studies all over the world, that media does not induce any short term changes on individuals, it is also

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