Advertising, Creativity With Strategy Is Called Advertising Essay example

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“Creativity without strategy is called art, creativity with strategy is called advertising” (Jef I. Richards). Advertising is a complex art that requires a great deal of strategy and attention to detail. Marketers use a variety of techniques to appeal and persuade different audiences that they want their product to be aimed towards. If not effectively done, like Jef I. Richards said, it is just art. An ample part of advertising is reaching out to a targeted audience. If you are speaking to people who are less interested in the product, they would obviously be less likely to invest. For example, an outdoorsman store just got a shipment of the best rifles on the market, but they advertised in the city to a bunch of elderly women. While they may sell a few rifles, they would not be maximizing the potential number of sales, and that is ideally the name of the game. Creating an advertisement that will catch a viewer 's attention and projecting it to the right people is the objective for a successful ad. The three advertisements that will be presented below are for Ford, Tide and Aqua Lung. These three companies are very different, but use some of the same advertising strategies. All three ads use a single picture with little to no words, but at the same time, the way the marketer is getting you to invest in their product is completely different. My first example of an advantageous advertisement is the advertisement presented by Ford (1). The first thing the ad does is draws your…

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