Advertising Consumerism : The Effect On Americans Essay

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Advertising Consumerism: The Effect on Americans

Have you ever wondered how an ad appeared on your doorstep, or in your email’s inbox? With the help of advertising industries, this is possible. Advertising consumerism effect Americans in today’s society in many ways. Furthermore, it affects the behavior of Americans as well. Advertising industries main focus is to figure out what is an individual’s buying impulses and also how to trigger them, in order to sell products more efficiently(Turow 229). These industries use many tactics, such as data mining, positioning, and tailored commercial messages and offers. Data mining is used to figure out what a person likes or do(Turow 228). So in order for this information to be found, Google or Facebook are used to hunt down consumers on the internet, and then the information is sold to marketers(Turow 232). In addition with this information, ads, coupons, and messages are sent from marketers to consumers, that are personally made. Correspondingly special online advertising, such as Google, Yahoo!, and etc…, allow publishers to bid and media agencies to “buy” consumers who share the same characteristics(Turow 232). So, when they have a group of individuals that share the same characteristics, this allows agencies to deliver an ad that shares the same characteristics to that group of individuals(Turow 232). Furthermore, advertising industries use tailored commercial messages and offers that are used for seeking a targeted…

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