Advertising Campaigns For The Advertising Industry Essay

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In the context of contemporary consumer society, advertising is an indispensable way of product promotion. People can easily find advertising campaigns of different brands anywhere, like the billboards, bus stations, even in restrooms. Advertising campaigns have already become a kind of mass media which transmit all the information frequently. The modern advertising industry aims to use creative ideas and sophisticated graphics to convey the message to a specific target market.

Advertising campaigns for the products like tobacco is a very special kind of advertising project. Before the 1980s, the tobacco industry used to advertise in a variety of media. At that time, many cigarette campaigns are the most interesting and informative parts of the advertising market. However, with an increase of health consciousness, as well as the tobacco advertisement laws from the government, doing good tobacco advertising becomes more and more difficult, and available media for tobacco advertising campaigns are less and less.

The first American tobacco advertising campaign appeared in 1789 when Lorillard brothers advertised in a local New York daily paper for snuff and tobacco products. Advertising campaigns for tobacco and most other products took this same form over the next 70 years, posting their campaigns in local or regional newspapers. From 1789 to 1870 advertising went into an age which was called Color…

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