Advertising, And Mass Marketing Essay

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One of the main focuses of an advertisement is to sell a product. As explained by James Twitchell, the primary focus of advertisements is, "... not to just to brand parity objects but also to brand consumers as they move these various communities. ... Hence, at the macro level the task of advertising is to convince different sets of consumers - target groups - that the quarter they observe is somehow different in meaning and value than the same quarter seen by their ... neighbors." (Twitchell, 2012, p. 182-183) Since the demographic of a population increases, differentiates, and gets older, different people in the same demographic see different meanings in the same product being advertised. Correspondingly, advertisers often have to mass produce their products for different target groups, which results in what Twitchell asserts:
Mass production means mass marketing, and mass marketing means the creation of mass stereotypes. Like objects in shelves, we too cluster in groups. … As we mature, we move from shelf to shelf, from aisle to aisle, zip code to zip code ... between what the historian Daniel Boorstin calls 'consumption communities. ' Finally, as full-grown consumers, we stabilize in our buying, and hence meaning-making, patterns. (Twitchell, 2012, p. 182)
To successfully advertise to these multiple consumption communities, many companies try to evoke different, and in some cases, multiple cultural values, ideological underpinnings, cultural mythologies, and value…

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