Advertising And Marketing Of Advertising Essay

803 Words Sep 1st, 2014 4 Pages
Advertisement companies and marketing firms have the most demand nowadays, because everywhere you look you can see some form of advertisement. It is far from surprising to spot an abundant of brand name and logos in all places all targeted to different individuals for a variety of reasons. Although one many not notice that all ads are not the same, some created for specific audiences while others are for more general purposes. Particular advertisements are even intended to invoke certain emotions to trigger people to make a purchase, donate or “share” and raise awareness. Using different approaches go unnoticed by civilians. Putting someone famous on an ad might trigger someone to believe the product is worth having. Having a familiar charity or brand might also make it easier on someone when making a choice in purchasing. Moreover, authors also use certain angles in their writing to ignite certain responses from readers. Logical appeals known as Logos are spotted on things the common person may never detect as an actual advert approach due to using statistics and research evidence as their endorsement. USDA organic labels can be found in countless supermarkets throughout the U.S. Evidence in research that eating organic is healthier is consistent with this approach. Aimed with regards to all to make healthier choices, but seldom noticed, these types of ads are only sought out by specific shoppers. Health conscious individuals seek for healthier food and lifestyle…

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