Advertising And Marketing : Mylan Pharmaceutical, The Manufacture Of The Epipen

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IIntroduction Consumers today are needier than ever before and businesses are making millions and even billions of dollars a year in revenue due to consumer ignorance. Just recently, Mylan Pharmaceutical, the manufacture of the EpiPen came under scrutiny for price gouging of a life saving device for anyone with certain deadly allergies (Mylan CEO Should Resign (And Take Her "Coupons" With Her), 2016). Mylan is not the only pharmaceutical company making billions; thanks to direct to consumer marketing and availability, these companies now advertise to millions of consumers through the various ways of marketing such as television, radio, and billboards. Even though direct to consumer marketing is not where companies make all their revenue from, it is disturbing when Alexander Eichler, of the Huffington Post reported on August 09, 2012 in his article that drug companies in a 15-year period reported revenues upwards of $200 billion dollars. This type of revenue is created by targeting specific consumers and through advertisements, they convince the consumer their drug will fix their issue and make their lives so much better. The tactics used by companies is well thought out and with the multiple ways to promote their products and target a larger populous. While consumers continue to impulse buy, shop online, or purchase something off the television, businesses are going to invest their money in advertising and pay internet providers to insert their on multiple sites while…

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