Advertising And Its Impact On People 's Behavior Essay

1532 Words Nov 11th, 2015 null Page
In today’s modern era the world is full of advertisement it is our environment (Kilbourne 1). It’s all around us on television, internet, radio, and even on billboards and signs. Advertisement influences society and plays a huge role in creating a great impact on people’s behavior. Advertising gives companies a way to expose their products to consumers and maximize their sales Advertising creates needs by making you want something you never probably wouldn’t even care about if it wasn’t introduced to you. Some ads highlight features of the product, but some ads content try to sell something more than the product. There’s a lot of advertising that attempts to associate a product or brand with a certain/particular type of life style. People who classify with that lifestyle, will feel captivated to purchase these products. When you feel very similar to a person, and an advertisement or commercial that shares your same values, you 'll feel more willing to purchase the brand or product, even if it isn 't directly shown that often or obviously in the advertisement. Advertisers want us to believe we are not being influenced by ads, because if we knew that we were being manipulated by these advertisements then they wouldn’t be accepted (Kilbourne 6). I believe advertising not only tries to sell a product but also tries to establish what the social norm should be in society.
In the L’Oréal advertisement from January 2015, advertising La Palette Nude eyeshadow, includes a picture of…

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