Advertising And Its Effects On Society Essay

1056 Words May 4th, 2016 5 Pages
It does not matter if it is noticed or not, advertising is everywhere and anywhere. Not only that but, it is having effects on everyone it reaches. With such a wide basis there is bound to be controversy between the good and the bad of this topic. The negative effects of advertising outweigh their positive counterparts because those advertisements can be used as a type of propaganda, promote false images, and influence the media they fund.
Advertising fosters free trade by allowing a platform to inform consumers and let them decide on their own which products they would like to purchase. Many forms of advertising seen today actually teach the consumer in one way or another. “It [Advertising] explains how to use products, gives us recipes, and demonstrates way in which we can change our homes and places of business,”(Day). Advertising can also tackle much greater and vast topics including feminism, political races, and the effects of drugs (Cary).Advertising allows people to learn and inform themselves of pertinent merchandise with minimal effort. Instead of having to waste time in the stores trying to find the right product, consumers now have at least a sense of their want from advertisements (Advertising). The platforms advertising are presented on simply mix them in with other programs so they do not need to be actively searched for (Advertising).
Nevertheless, advertising is a powerful tool that can be used to manipulate consumers unconsciously in a form of propaganda.…

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