Advertising And Its Effects On America Essay

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Advertisement strategies
There are times when paying close attention to the surroundings, we noticed that there are different advertisements that suggest to buy and acquired the desired item that seems so appealing and attractive to have. The different strategies that companies use are nothing new, so people are being targeted to explore and feel what it is to be different. Advertisements are a great choice to make people fall in this addictive cycle that is becoming more common among younger generations. There are different ways companies advertise their products like, magazine ads, radio commercials, TV commercial, and junk mail. In particular, there is this ad that I found in the mail that caught my attention because the ad was advertising the affordable eyewear packages available at JcPenney, so the impressive red numbers persuaded me that I must kept the ad for future consideration. Although competitive brands may offer other discounted eyewear options, this ad from Jcpenney Optical makes affordable eyewear packages attractive through the use of logos, ethos and pathos. This ad was created by JcPenney, by using logos as one of the strategies that not only advertises known popular brands, but also people can relate and feel confident that they are getting quality products from the store. In addition, the format of this ad is in basic print and photoshop edited, and is distributed as a complimentary advertisement to the public. Most of the time people will receive this…

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