Advertising And Its Effect On The Image Of A Woman Essay example

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Advertising is extremely different from how it was in the past. Gone are the days where advertisements are simply showing the newest product that helps a person with their everyday life. Unlike the 1970s, where one would see about five hundred ads a day, nowadays one may come across about five thousand ads a day (Heldman). All of this can be blamed on new technology. As a result of an abundance of competition between companies, advertisers are constantly looking for the best tactic to get consumers to buy their product. Sexual objectification has become one of the most common tactics now used by advertisers in the past ten years, but a problem is found with this tactic. Objectifying both women and men with provocative images and deceptive expressions supply consumers a false idea of reality.
PlayStation and Sony Computer Entertainment present a provocative image in its PS Vita advertisement that draws a reader’s attention immediately. The largest image on the advertisement, making it the first thing the reader sees, is the provocative and sexualized image of a woman. With one set of breasts on each side of her body and a tight strapless black dress that emphasizes her curves, the image of a headless woman is hard not to look at. The reader may assume that the woman could be flirtatiously looking over her shoulder since a hint of a chin is shown looking towards at the audience and her hand is on her hip. The lighting on the woman highlights the woman’s skin that is not…

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