Advertising And Its Effect On Society Essay

1288 Words Nov 14th, 2014 6 Pages
There are many things of the world that appeal to mankind. We can often relate to those appels by different colors, shapes, and also the feel of something. What do I mean by the feel of something? I mean that, as a person, the mind has the ability to relate to an image or picture to evoke a feeling to either help a cause or fall into a trap. This is where advertisers grab your attention into buying a product. Although sometimes advertising can be quite annoying it can also help in aiding your response in buying a product. You may be looking for a specific product to do a specific thing or maybe you might have heard of a product because of its great advertising. There are different viewpoints to advertising and many different ways that it appeals and relates to us as individuals and as a society. Today, in order for the advertisements to stay true to their advertising there has been a set of rules and regulations set by the Federal Trade Commission to see forth of these rules. If it wasn’t for these rules and regulations the corporate business could say whatever pleases them in their advertisements.
When was the last time you seen an advertisement? One week ago? One day ago? One hour ago? Chances are you saw an advertisement within the last hour, but did not realize it. Advertisements are all over the World Wide Web, all over social media’s such as Facebook, YouTube, and throughout various news outlets. They can be on cork boards or the walls in buildings, offices, and…

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