Advertising And Its Effect On Individual 's Health Essay

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We live in a world of advertisement and it’s unavoidable. Is there a time in your life when ads never appears on-screen or when you travel there’s no billboards around? Never! Individuals may find that billboard are distracting and unnecessary. But it’s a way for a company and advertisers to notify consumers about a certain product and bring awareness to it. Without advertising, publicity, the world wouldn’t know about the existing product and won’t have a mind of making smart choices. It’s normal for us to purchase items often, but sometimes we just need to save money for better things than just purchasing clothes and brand name products. Such as vacation tickets and donating to those who doesn’t have the choices to spend as we do. Honestly, advertising has changed our world, it consume fashion, lifestyle, food, health, sport, and equipment. However with exposing with too much advertising can damage individual’s health and happiness. Advertisements can have an effect on individual 's physical health as food and drugs have an effect on individual 's body. Not only does advertisements have an effect on physical health, but as well as emotional health issues as individual 's surrounded by media that create problems. Most importantly, Advertisers and company are aiming at the youngster, the age where they’ve earned their own money.

First of all, the most common advertisements, we tend to see are food and drugs which have a great damage to individuals physical…

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