Essay about Advertising And Its Effect On Body Perception

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As a high school teacher who spends a lot of time with teenagers I see an inherent problem with some advertising and its affect on body perception and its contribution to our materialistic culture. Are these issues created from advertising alone? No, there are other factors. However, the media (including advertising) can have a bigger affect on people than I think most people realize. On the other the hand I am a marketing professional that believes marketing helps consumers fulfill needs in order to live the lifestyle they makes them happy and fulfilled. The first advertisement I chose is for a McDonald 's Chicken McNugget happy meal for kids. The scene in the magazine advertisement is a happy meal box (decorated with a smiling, cute cartoon bumble bee) with its contents laid out around it on a red and white checkered table cloth outdoors (there is grass in the background). The items laid out around the happy meal box are: a bag of sliced apples, a kid sized jug of milk and chicken nuggets (without the container they usually come in). All of the contents also have the happy, smiling bumble bee on them. The message is the fact that happy meals are healthy and a balanced meal for kids. Now, as a mom I cringe at the thought of my daughter eating McDonalds chicken McNuggets because I have knowledge that they are a processed food and are not healthy, in addition to the fact that this food item in particular has chemicals and additives that are not deemed to have any health…

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