Essay about Advertising And Food Choices : A Risk For Children?

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Advertising and Food choices: A risk for children?

Advertising is a powerful tool, extremely developed, that tries to convey a persuasive message by an identified sponsor. The consumer society is influenced directly by these Ads, filling up the spaces of people lives, dominating media and public spaces with information about products or events. In his article, “Image-based Culture: Advertising and Popular Culture”, Sut Jhally analyses the impact of advertising, and how it can define and shape our expectation regarding the meaning of products and objects. He points out that advertising uses a discourse that not just tell people about things, but also show how things are connected with important domains of people’s life. It uses what people are seeking in life, such as self-esteem, happy family, loving relations and others; through the purchase of goods or services provided by these Ads. He analyses that the spread of image-based influence has massive impact in different areas of the contemporary world, such as political implications, education, and manipulate people’s choices. Although Jhally provides interesting analysis regarding the general influence of advertising in the consumer society, it might be asked how these Ads influence children with less than 10 years, considered more susceptible than adults. As well as adults, children are exposed every day to different means of advertising, in the television, social media, and public spaces, these Ads specifically…

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