Advertising Analysis : Taco Bell Essay

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Deceptive Advertising Try the new Taco Bell’s seasoned beef! This was the advertisement Taco Bell used in 2011. Ironically, Taco Bell’s meat has just 35% beef. The Alabama firm sued Taco Bell for using more fillers than meat. Taco Bell used between $3 million and $4 million to refute the allegations. The company also launched a “Thank you for suing us” full-page newspaper to mitigate the disaster (NPR, 2011). This is a clear example how companies use deceptive advertisements to sell their products, and even to try and recover from a suit. The profession that is in charge of the business practices to sell a product or service is Marketing. Marketers create a strategy to persuade the customer to buy a product. Marketing uses advertisements that can acquire false information or misperception in order to gain profit; by using Natural Law we can say that if the advertisements enhance a company then is a practice that should be continued.
Marketing Dilemma Marketing is the profession responsible of creating advertisements for companies. The use of marketing in a company is fundamental to their success in selling a product or service.
Career Training Besides having a bachelor’s degree, a marketer needs to have certain knowledge, skills, and abilities to succeed. Some courses that a student from marketing receives in order to be trained are: Business Strategy, Buyer Behavior, Advertising and Promotion, Marketing Research, and Business Logistics Management (TAMIU…

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