Advertising Agencies Essay

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An advertising agency is a service based business which specifies in planning and organising promotional activities. They help create a campaign which will grab attention of potential customers and then encourage them to buy the product or service being promoted. Advertising agencies include copywriters, art directors and people working with the media. The Copy Writer is an expert at using words to persuade customers to buy the product or service. The Art Director knows what appeals to the customers and will include their artistic skills within the advertising design. The Media Planner deals with different types of media, for example, television, radio, newspapers, online and chooses or combines these to create the right message to their …show more content…
The disadvantages are that some newspapers may be filled with different adverts. This can put people off looking through just to find a specific one. Therefore, a particular ad may never be seen. Once a newspaper is read, it is usually discarded and not read again, so you can’t be sure if your advert has been read.
Magazines: the advantages for magazine advertising are that specific magazines target a type of audience. This means that the target market they are aiming for are clearly going to see their advert and be attracted to it. Some magazines have a well-known title, so this will increase the sales for those specific magazines and adverts placed inside those will be more noticed. Magazines also can be seen to have a longer life than newspapers. They are used in waiting rooms, such as in the doctors and even in some local cafes. The disadvantages are that the cost of putting your advert inside the magazine in colour can be quite expensive and this can put businesses off putting their ad inside. Usually at the back of a magazine, there are huge amounts of advertising. This can be too much and he target audience may just skip that section.
Radio: Radio is an effective method of advertising. It is very easy to choose a particular station on the radio, which is suited to a particular audience. Radios can obviously use sound and noises and celebrity voices to put

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