Essay on Advertising : Advertising And Its Effect On Your Choices

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Advertising - (Nike) Advertising starts in 1704 in America, and it was in newspaper (Lauren Drelloct). After that it still expanding until now, and it starts playing a big role in our daily life. Some people love it, and some thinks ads are exploiting them. Does the ads affects people? They says strong evaluation can affect in your choices, and changes your mind (Andrew Sneddon). As a result, companies uses strong evaluation in their ads to change your choices. Nike is one of the biggest company that have offices and shops around the world, and it always uses advertising. In this particular, I picked Nike to see what they used for their ads to attract people’s attention. Pathos, Logos, and Ethos are the main points that Nike uses in their advertising.
At the first, I have chosen Nike “just do it “ads, and I chose it because their ads are emotional, and so real. For instance, they bring real life problems, and solve it by using their product. I really have fun watching their ads. Moreover, they give you passion to keep going, and I like their phrase “just do it”. What I see in Nike ads many things. First of all, my general impression of the design and the words is really great. Most of their ads are colorful and busy. I liked that their ads is busy, but in the important point it become calm. Also, their ads always organized in a simple way. For example, I will take about one of their ads that I saw. The first of the ad they present their product which is shoes. Then they…

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